QROPS (Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme)

Over the years, thousands of Irish people have migrated to the UK in search of work and whilst there, paid into a company pension or private pension arrangement. If this is something that relates to you, rest assured we can track it down and return it to you.

Check out on our right section some benefits of a QROPS, such as: convenience, greater control, inheritance planning, consolidation, transferability, and risk-free, 



Some benefits of a QROPS:

  • ConvenienceConvenienceIt makes it easier if you are planning to retire in Ireland. If you leave your pension benefits in the UK, you will have to submit an annual tax return in Ireland in retirement declaring your income from the UK.
  • Control Control Greater control over your pension investment.
  • Inheritance Planning Inheritance Planning On death UK Pension Schemes generally only provide a pension income for a dependant. There is no lump sum on death available. There is also an issue with inheritance to family members if none of the family are resident in the UK and you still hold the UK Pension Scheme.
  • Consolidation Consolidation Allows for a consolidation of your overseas pension benefits in Ireland without incurring tax.
  • TransferableTransferableTransfers from a UK pension do not form part of your Standard Fund Threshold in Ireland, which means that it can grow without effecting your maximum allowable pension fund.
  • SecureSecureBy moving your pension scheme to Ireland (in Euros), you remove the risks that currency exchange rate changes in Sterling could have on your monthly pension income in retirement.

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