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Business Professionals

We work with Directors, Key Executives, Small and Medium Business Owners to take full advantage of their legal tax allowances. In particular we look at their pension arrangements. Pensions are the most tax efficient way of taking money from your business and putting it in your account.

We work with you to plan the type of lifestyle you want in retirement and design the roadmap.

Working with your pension we will amend the terms of your current plan, eliminating most of the costs.

  • No Policy Fees
  • No Premium charges
  • No bid/offer spread
  • No Trustee charges

Without changing your current investment fund or your current payment, we will increase significantly the return to you at retirement.

Plus, we will:

Lower Volatility by spreading the risk over more asset classes.
Better Investment Performance using a fund platform of 17 fund managers.
Negotiate Lowest Management Fees from fund managers.
Online Facilities with real-time access.
This programme is most appropriate for the successful business owner who wishes to ensure that they are utilising all legal tax reduction strategies available.

Have you got your Sellability Score???

Does part of your retirement plan involve selling your business? Do you know how to increase the selling price of your business when it comes time to sell?

Selling your business to fund your retirement has always been one of the most common exit strategies for business owners when we asked them about creating financial freedom.

The problem is, businesses usually sell for a lot less than they are worth. This is a major financial planning problem that should concern all business owners – but there are solutions.

So why not discover your Sellability score now…

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