How we do it?

Simple. We have the tools.

At Pension Freedom, we have invested time and resources to develop the tools to allow us look into the future, so we give you definitive and reliable answers to your questions, like

Will I have enough?

There are three stages to our process;

1. See It

We must get to know you. Understand what is important to you and find out what you want to achieve in your lifetime. Particularly the sort of lifestyle you want to enjoy now and throughout your life.

2. Plan It

Having a full understanding of your needs and desires we can now take this into the future, see the resources in place which will allow you do the things that are important to you. We will explore different “what if” scenarios which will demonstrate the different outcomes that can be achieved through various financial strategies designed to help you get what you want. Perhaps you want to retire early, maybe you want to spend more now and still be financially secure for the rest of your life or perhaps you need to know how much you have to sell your business for to allow you be financially independent.

3. Live It

With your plan in place it is now time to take action. We will ensure that, if required, you implement the correct financial products or investment strategies which are best suited for your real needs. We will follow this year by year, monitoring your progress and fine tuning the plan in response to lessons learnt along the way. We will make sure the answer to your question

Will I have enough? YES.