About Us

Pension Freedom

is a Boutique Financial Planning Practice with a unique planning programme, SMACHT Financial Planning Process®. Specialising in working with clients who want to “Live Their Richest Life”, our service is about YOU, Your Life, Your Aspirations, Your Choices, now and into the future.

Unfortunately we can’t work with everybody. We do have to say no on occasions, but only when we feel our services are not appropriate to you. In order to determine if we can be of value to you, we will offer you TWO, 1-hour, no obligation, introductory appointments at our expense. Each meeting is designed to find out about you and your financial life. No financial documents are required at this point.

This will allow you to determine, without pressure, if our services are right for you. It also allows us to determine if we can deliver what you are looking for. You see, we really need to know you before we have the right to talk to you about your money.

By the end of the second meeting, before we mutually decide to commit to a working relationship, you will have no unanswered questions.

Gerard Keogh QFA

Gerard Keogh has worked in the financial services industry for over 20 years, gaining experience in all areas of financial planning. Through a rigorous study programme he attained the QFA designation (Qualified Financial Advisor). Realising the continuing change in his industry Gerard is committed to continuous education.

In 2009 Gerard setup his own firm t/a GK Financials. Today his firm is Pension Freedom emphasising his passionate belief in allowing people to “Live Their Richest Life” especially in retirement. This requires planning, control and discipline. Recognising that each individual or family’s needs are unique, Gerard had to think “outside the box”. Traditional methods are not serving the client. He needed to get to the heart of client’s issues and concerns, bring them beyond their perceived limits. This process has lead to the design of his unique planning programme, SMACHT Financial Planning Process®, which he brings to his clients.

Working with successful business and career oriented people, Gerard helps them to achieve success with their personal finances without sacrificing their own leisure or family time.